A Pool By Any Other Name

I like to believe I was the catalyst for all of the cool things my family owned, thanks to my relentless persistence and constant badgering. By “cool things,” I mean a dog. And a pool. My parents would probably tell the story of how these cool things came to be a bit differently, but if they feel that way, they should go start their own blogs.


Ironically, this is one of the few photos that could be found of the pool from the old house. Current theory is that my dad destroyed evidence of its existence….

Two years after the installation of the pool, we moved across town and left the pool behind, despite my protests otherwise to take it with us. As fate would dictate, the neighborhood was incorporated into a new town with its own set of pretentious rules – similar to Beverly Hills but without the 90210 zip code. One of these rules pertained to pools. If you decided to install a swimming pool, it now had to be in ground.

By this point in time, it wasn’t long before I’d be leaving for college and having pools no longer seemed to be that important. But it was to my sister Marissa who had another 17 years to grow up in that house. So, as she grew older, she assumed the role of pleading for a pool and despite now being in college herself, has not given up the pursuit or hope of getting one.

This spring, Chicago was hit with record rainfall. One particular morning, my father decided to use this to his advantage and emailed my sister with some unexpected and exciting news that went like this:

Dad (to Marissa): One of your wishes came to fruition yesterday – an in ground swimming pool was installed in our backyard. And to my great relief, we got it for free. Can’t wait for you to get home to enjoy it!!!

Marissa (to Dad): POOL?!?!?!??? If you’re kidding papa, that’s a sick joke! I told Shannon [her friend] and she’s even excited. I told her if it’s a pond, we’re going to hate you guys forever. Haha, not really, but a pool is no joking matter!

Me (to Marissa): Marissa, I’m disappointed to say this, but there’s no pool other than one provided by Mother Nature (commonly known as a “flood”). I’m actually marooned in my neighborhood and working from home today. You’re welcome to come swim on Pratt, Greenview and I’m sure several other streets.

Several towns are closed, roads are impassable, there’s a giant sink hole that swallowed cars on the South side, part of Libertyville High School caved in, Pratt at the Edens is under seven feet of water, and they actually advised people to stay home on the news this morning.

So, now I’m taking a “rain day” – whoever heard of such a thing?

Oh, yeah, Noah did and he built an ark for this sort of occurrence.

Hopefully, the “pool” will still be waiting for you when you’re home for summer break to enjoy. A word of caution: swim at your own risk; communicable diseases are a possibility.

Staying above water, your sis

I learned later that my sister had even texted my mom to voice her enthusiasm about the pool before my email revealed the terrible truth. Then, I was accused of being a “killjoy” and “spoil sport” by my dad (his exact words), but to be honest, I started to wonder a bit about my sister for taking this seriously. Is she studying too hard?

However, thinking about it more deeply, I realized I should adopt more of her optimistic spirit. Bless her for wanting to believe in the existence of that pool.

Anyway….pool party’s in my parent’s backyard this summer. Get a Tetanus shot first if you want to swim.


About Six Feet Standing Tall

Sara Tieman blogs at Six Feet Standing Tall. She stands at 5’11″ and probably could be six feet tall if she stood up straighter…or wore higher heels. She lives in Chicago but also fancies London as her home, too. Attempting to live her life fearlessly, she hopes to share stories that readers will find amusing, insightful or somewhat intriguing as she tries to figure out the meaning of life.
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  1. Alison McCormick says:

    Hehe – so funny!

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